Reasons to Use .NET Framework For Your Next Web Development Project

Microsoft .Net is one of the most secure, robust, and scalable web development platforms widely adopted by the tech industry. As per one report, over 7 million live websites are built using the .Net framework. The below graph conveys the same.


The reason behind such tremendous growth of the .Net framework is that it offers many advantages and features that attract most developers and clients. It is a go-to platform for Fortune-listed companies to develop large-scale apps.

Moreover, the unified .Net 6 helps create the most impeccable web, mobile, and Windows apps. However, many platforms that claim to be a better alternative to .Net have come forward. This article explains why the .Net framework is still relevant and you should use it in 2022.

Reason Why You Should Use .Net Framework for Your Web Development Project

Dot Net provides developers with flexibility and dynamic features to build web apps with simplicity and ease, whereas clients get feature-rich apps with an intuitive user experience. That said, here are a few reasons to use it for your web development project.

1. Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio is an integrated IDE that provides all the necessary tools a developer may need to build web development projects. Microsoft's IDE is used for building, testing, debugging, and deploying applications across all platforms.

Further, the IDE includes integrated compilation and debugging features and is used as a single IDE for all .Net applications. In addition, Visual Studio offers real-time collaboration on the same codebase. It also allows customization of the environment to match user preferences.

Even though the framework is written in C#, the IDE can work with various different languages of an app written by a .Net development company.

2. Cross-Platform Compatible and Language Independent

Dot Net framework incorporates Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Common Language Specification (CLS), allowing it to interact and interpret codes written in different languages. Thanks to this, the .Net offers reusability of the code with different languages.

Another USP of the .Net framework is that it can be used for creating any app with any framework. Since the .Net is platform-independent, it has support for most development frameworks. For instance, mobile apps developed using .Net will be supported by Android as well as iOS and other mobile OS platforms.

3. Best Architecture, Performance, and Object-Oriented

Dot Net is an open-source platform with the best-in-class architecture called MVC (Model-View-Controller). It also has better UI elements and controls for efficient web app development. Further, the .Net encloses just-in-time compilation that gives it speed and higher performance.

It has a low response time and offers a better dynamic user experience. Another great thing about the .Net framework is that it’s based on an object-oriented programming module that breaks applications into smaller chunks. This makes the code manageable, helps respond to recurring issues faster, and makes it easy to test.

4. Safe, Secure, and Better Memory Management

The .Net framework offers robust safety and security, which is why various industries use it for web development. Its highly secure environment includes various safety mechanisms for app protection. Features like CLR and managed code impart core security protocols like role-based security and code access security.

The Garbage Collector included in the .Net framework helps release and clean the unnecessary memory consumption. Furthermore, the CLR has to do the heavy lifting of allocating and deallocating a distributed object in memory. The Garbage Collector then removes the unnecessary objects not being used in the app code.

5. Quick Deployment and Scalability

The great thing about using .Net for your web development project is that it offers quick and easy deployment. Developers can effortlessly deploy the web applications on any server and offer one-time setup creation for app deployment.

Regarding the scalability factor, the .Net framework offers additional stability and scalability than the rest of its programming counterparts. For instance, if an object offers reusability with newer software, it can also offer necessary details to be modified in the object and should not affect the other code.

6. Cost-Efficient

The Cost-effectiveness of an app development framework is an essential factor that needs to be considered. We all know that the .Net offers an elegant environment and supports Visual Studio IDE and other quality assurance services to simplify the work. However, it comes with a cost, and it’s not going to be cheap for beginners.

But an enterprise .Net development company can easily afford the development costs. It provides them enterprise mobility, QA features, and many others that make the .Net web development cost-effective.

7. Community Support

Microsoft .Net framework has a sensible community that contributes to improving the project and helps other developers when stuck.

The knowledgeable community answers all the queries of users who get stuck with the .Net web development process. The community is spread across the globe to give solutions to any sorts of problems you might face.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the .Net web development framework is here to stay as it helps enterprises to meet their objectives with their web development projects. The framework offers a wide array of features and functionality for robust, secure, and scalable software development.

However, one needs to know when to hire a .Net development company to build their digital web solutions. Based on the needs of enterprises and niche competitiveness, .Net can help streamline the web development process with several easy-to-use tools. Thus, you must choose to hire .Net developers to create the most competitive apps.

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